👋 I’m Khe Hy, creator of the Rad Awakenings podcast. This is a podcast about getting unstuck, navigating transitions, and embarking on new adventures.

When I left my cozy finance job at age 35 – I had no idea what was next. All I knew was that I was comfortably numb. But as I embarked on the untraveled path, I realized that so many of the podcasts and blogs out there were about ways to crush it. And I was far from crushing it – in fact, I felt more crushed. I had never felt so alone.

Thankfully, along my journey I met countless entrepreneurs, professionals, and teachers who gave me a gift – their vulnerability. I was moved and inspired by their struggles, insecurities, and joys. I created this podcast to share their stories with you.

A little more about Khe

I’m a writer, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur. In a different life, I led the Hedge Fund Research Team (NYC) for BlackRock Alternative Advisors. Bloomberg called me the “Wall Street Guru” and CNN “Oprah for Millennials.”

I​’m Quartz’s first Entrepreneur in Residence, where I write about leadership, career, and personal fulfillment and advise on various special projects.

I’m the creator of RadReads, a weekly newsletter and blog read by 16,000 leaders, investors, academics and social entrepreneurs. Think of it as a weekly practice of looking within, quieting the mind, and unlocking compassion. RadReads has an engaged in-person community, with monthly meet-ups in New York City and has already began expanding into San Francisco, LA and London.

I’ve spoken at Blackrock, BNY Mellon, Northwestern Mutual, Knight Capital, IEX, Coinbase, the Redwoods Institute, Inspiring Capital, and Yale University and also gave a TEDx talk From Hustle to Wholeness.